Love Yourself, Learn Your Mistakes, And Be Patient To Improve Your Confidence

People who are confident know how to love themselves, this is what makes them always comfortable being themselves in front of their partners. When you feel inferior, you will try to cover up your flaws in front of your partner and always try to look perfect in front of them. That’s what makes you uncomfortable being yourself in front of your partner. Your low confidence is because you don’t know how to love yourself. Some ways to love yourself is not to compare yourself with others, always positive thinking and just focus on the strengths you have. One way to love yourself is not thinking too much when a girl doesn’t text back and move on to other girls.

If you alone can’t love yourself, it’s only right for you to make it difficult for your partner to love you so you lose your true self and pretend to be someone else so that you will be loved by your partner.

So try to learn to love yourself by always giving kindness to yourself, making yourself happy, keep doing hobbies and remain yourself in front of your partner.

In addition, people who are confident also always learn from their mistakes and have never been offended by the rebuke of others

A confident man always learns from his mistakes because he dares to admit his mistakes. It is from his awareness and courage to admit mistakes that make him always able to correct and avoid the same mistakes in the future.

In addition, you also will not be easily offended when others rebuke your mistakes. You can make reprimands of others as valuable lessons, so you continue to learn to become a better person and character again every day.

With your confidence in admitting mistakes, learning from mistakes and accepting the reprimands of others as valuable lessons to improve yourself is what makes you a good problem solver when conflicts occur in your relationship.

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